Hey I am Marie, a programmer and designer specialised in Digital Design, Web-Programming and Creative Computation based in Vienna.



Selected Work

2018-2022 All Web Creative Coding Project Management


Touchdesigner Experiment
Touchdesigner experiment – Noise
individually controllable relays for graduation project
Preparing the fans for my graduation project
Exhibition piece for DIGITAL & CIRCULAR
Touchdesigner rendering
Speaker transformed into an electromagnetic pickupcoil
electromagnetic pickupcoil with amplifier and speaker
Shaping Cities screenshot
Shaping Cities screenshot
Shaping Cities – Preparing the setup in P5
Three.js Model data mapping with Spotify
Three.js data mapping
Processing Sketch
GLSL Glitch
VUE.js plugin to implement T-SNE, a Deep Learning algorithm
Touchdesigner noise experiment
Three.js powered sound-visualization in React
Processing experiment
Three.js animation
GLSL Shader
Hillshader in Touchdesigner
Hillshader in Touchdesigner
Result of the P5 Coding Workshop
p5 Coding workshop

GLSL Glitch
Worked with

Process Studio


Schwarz Brillen

Züricher Hochschule der Künste

Ascendum Österreich

FIV Wien

Sabre Austria


MA Information Design Design Academy Eindhoven
BSc Mediatechnology & Design
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
Diploma in Graphic Design
Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt


Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven Poster for the exhibition 'Internationals in the city'
Museum für angewandte Kunst Vienna Video for the exhibition 'DIGITAL & CIRCULAR'