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Three.js Experiments

The following projects were created in the span of the past three years. Most of them were done for university assignments, or just for fun. This collection will grow over time, as I am continuing to experiment with this amazing library.


Developer / Designer

Noise Experiments

Prints from a real-time Glsl simulation in Three.js with Ashima noise.

orange blue noise big
orange blue noise double

Trans Austria

Trans rights are still underrepresented in Austria. This website is dedicated to bring the public focus to the issues and restrictions that transgender people still face. The chat functionality guides the users through the story, in the form of a genderless character, that is talking about the daily issues that encounters a trans person living in Austria. My role in this project was the design, setting up the React environment and writing the algorithms that bring the model to life. Especially challenging was also the coordination of the team and keeping an overview of the issues that come up between design and programming.

screencapture Kopie

screencapture Kopie

3D Audio Sound-Visualizer

Through the use of THREE.js based customized geometry, I created a model that visualizes a simple frequency range through different geometry tubes. The model seems to bring out the most interesting results when the incoming music has a broad range of variety. Additionally to the THREE.js Geometry, i also added a menu-like overview that allows users to switch between different models, representing different songs of the same artist.

Spotify Sound Spotter

The Spotify Sound Spotter is a project I carried out during my generative Art and Design course. The assignment required the creation of a generative artwork, that represents a data model. After some intense research, I decided to fetch the Spotify-Web-API and visualize personal user data through a spherical Three.js object.

A customizable t-SNE extension for Vue.js

The use of components makes it possible to encapsulate algorithms. In the case I used this principle to create a Web-GL application that enables users to use a deep-learning algorithm with their own data. The Interface makes it possible to specify the visual outcome of the algorithm as well as to add images and html text labels.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-25 um 12.02.17

Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-25 um 12.02.02