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purpose  a collection of design projects

Design Projects

This is a collection of works I did for companies during my internships or just for fun. I have a deep love for creating beautiful digital designs, and designing and animating landing pages has become one of my favorites hobbies. Therefore this page will grow continuously over time.





Schwarz Schichtler

This online tool for generating individually crafted glasses was realized in cooperation with Process Studio in Vienna. The user is enabled to create their own pair of glasses in real time by using a Three.js Model that is rotatable and scalable. The design was supposed to fit into the already existing website and therefore needed to be adjusted to preexisting font styles and colors.

Vienna is a halfpipe

„Vienna is a halfpipe“ is a private project in which I started to learn more about prototyping in After Effects. Most of the pictures that I used are my own, just as the Design and execution of the animated prototype.

This portfolio page

Frames, colors & concepts for this website.

save & share platform

This is a super small private project I solemnly did for fun and practice. I looked at different platforms that allow users to collect images of certain topics and created my own app based on this research. One of the features that might come in handy for users are the tags that content creators can freely choose for all their projects.

Cambuilder Theme

This project was realized within a month during my second internship at Campaigning Bureau in Vienna. The marketing agency uses a generic web-builder that allows customers to create small websites for their campaigns. During my time there, I was assigned with the task of modernizing the existing design, without losing any of its generic functionality. During the design process I got a lot of helpful feedback from my colleagues of the marketing and graphic departments, that made it easier for me to reduce my ideas to two final designs. Those were then tested with all kinds of possible user content and different screen sizes. The Project definitely taught me a lot about UI, UX and Design Systems, but it was also great to be included and take part in a big team.